Vietnamese fare specializing in pho & other standards, with outdoor seating available.

Vegetarian broth is always available upon request.

Established in 1999.

Family owned business that aims to consistently provide delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

The best pho place in Cerritos!!

I been a regular here since the early 2000s. The quality of service and the large portion sizes keep me coming back. The broth here is flavorful and can cure any cold i had. The staff here are friendly and ready to help guide you through the process of ordering. Many people here are locals so you’ll see them very often here. They offer a variety of dishes both meat lovers and vegetarian!! They offer a vegetarian Pho Broth !!


Food:  Very, very good!   I’m a fan of pho and always looking for a good spot everywhere I go. This one didn’t disappoint. I had the house special which has all the meats.  Very tasty

Service and Wait Time:  Waited about 20 minutes due to the place being full even though was near closing time. Service was excellent!


We came early for breakfast pho. Who knew? The service was quick and the staff were friendly. My girls are vegan and this place is one of the few that has vegan options.

The pho is excellent. I’ve been gone to a few restaurants, but this is the best! The broth is excellent.


Best tasting beef broth for pho I’ve had since I moved to LA. The price is very reasonable, as a regular sized bowl is $8 and the super bowl is $9. They also don’t hold back on the meat. The spring rolls come in pork and shrimp, which is a step up from just shrimp. They also allow dogs on the outdoor patio.


I’ve been coming to this place for nearly a decade, and there’s no way I’ll ever get sick of it. Not only do you get quality, healthy, and tasty (hence, the name) food, but you can’t beat the service. Occasionally, more often so in the winter months when it’s cold- you’ll have to wait. Although, even with a family of 6, we’ve never had to wait over 20 minutes. Typically, if you had a group of 2/3 people you’re seated nearly instantly. Almost as soon as you order, your meal is ready. Clearly, most of the menu is pho- a bone broth soup with rice noodles, and your choice of added meat & veggies. However, they do have rice dishes, egg rolls, spring rolls, etc. The drinks are great! I highly recommend the Thai Tea with Boba. So refreshing!


The pho here is great! I’m not saying it’s the best pho ever but it is definitely the best one in the area. The service is fast, efficient, and friendly which is not very typical from a vietnamese pho restaurant so this was a nice surprise. I got the regular size pho dac biet (my go-to). They are very generous on the meat portion, I just wish they give you more tendon and tripe because there was barely any of that in my bowl. One gripe I have is that the noodles were very balled up on the bottom of the bowl and it took a lot of pulling and tugging (and splashing) with my chopsticks to pry all the noodles apart from each other. Overall, love this place and will definitely come back.


My favorite pho place outside of the garden grove/westminster area. I have been on the hunt for a good pho place in the area since moving for school, and I am happy to say I finally found it! This place is authentic and will satisfy that pho craving of yours, for sure.

Be ready to wait for a spot during evenings, especially on weekends. The restaurant is not the largest, so seating gets pretty tight. Waiters are running around, scrambling to serve tables and seat new customers.

#12 is my go-to! Broth is very flavorful and sweet, clean and rich at the same time. The noodles are cooked perfectly too — on the chewier side which I prefer. The rare steak and flank is super tender, and the tendon will melt in your mouth. This bowl is truly one of my favorite comfort foods on a cold day!

Our waiter was very nice to our table. He made sure to seat us as quickly as he could and provided us with menus as soon as we got a table. He brought out our food at a reasonable time and made sure we were enjoying our food. We even had a nice conversations with him during the end of our meal. Price is very inexpensive; super affordable!

Last Thoughts:
I cannot wait to come back here again when I am in the area again. Definitely will be back when I want a good bowl of pho and look forward to sharing with more friends about this place!


I’m not gonna lie but Pho is so whatever to me but if I had to eat pho, this is my joint. Their noodles are on point, not over cooked like some places. Portions are huge. Egg noodle options available. Love their yummy shrimp wrap, quiche and vermicelli noodles (not all pho places have these). So if I don’t want pho and the fam and friends do, there’s always some other dish I like available. And all so tasty. Service here is good. Prices are fair.

This is little yummy spot is located right behind the American Filipino market off pioneer and South with its own parking lot.


If you like pho, you will love this place. This shop has very authentic pho. The environment is very casual and you see a lot of families. Staffs are super friendly and clean. I come here a lot with my dad on Sunday. Oh yeah, price is super cheap 🙂


For the price and lack of any real competition in the near by area on Vietnamese food (outside of Westminster/garden grove) the fact this place comes so great is even better!
Most places I have to order extra meat—this place has a good amount already! I usually order a Dac Biet Super Bowl and leave full

The service is fast! Drinks stay full
My wife likes the egg rolls a lot too

This is in my top 5 pho places south of San Jose to San Diego


Been here a billion times, back when it was called Pho Superbowl. Solid place for vietnamese food from Pho to their rice platter combinations and appetizers. The place is always packed, so they are definitely doing something right. I tend to order their Pho dac biet or combination rice platter with grill pork, steamed egg meat loaf, and fried shrimp patty. Good prices, good food, consistent quality and quantity. Friendly staff as well. Even when the place is packed, the wait is never too long. I always come back here when I visit home.


YOU KNOW ITS BOMB WHEN THE PARKING LOTS PACKED! I broke my hiatus from writing reviews for this gem. The restaurant itself is clean! No random bits of food or trash in the corners, all the utensils are shinin’ & the table tops are not sticky!

They accept card/cash & they have amazing customer service! It’s rare to find great service, but the attention to detail from the workers are amazing. My water never reached less than half full & even when I looked around needing a box to-go, the employee eating on his break helped me!

Now, to the food!! Nothing short of excellent!! The broth was flavorful and not overly fatty or salty. #3, the pork rolls were delicious and came out hot! #18, the charred beef was super flavorful!! I absolutely love how they don’t overcharge and then skimp on portions too! The Super Bowl is huge and even my boyfriend couldn’t finish his pho.